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Competition clothes

Rules for competition clothing are in World archery rulebook 3 chapter 20. link:

Our competition clothes come Craft  

Competition T-shirt

T-shirt comes branded with logo on back, flag on right sleeve and Rio Tinto on left sleeve.

the back name on the back shod be the same as you are registered to competition

The shirts come in three sizes


we recommend that with the competition shirt black pants, shorts or skirt that meet the WA requirements are worn.
craft has these pants

they come in three formats

WA Rules

Athletes must wear pants, shorts or skirts of their choice, and must not be shorter than the athlete's fingertips when arms and fingers are extended at the athlete's side.
No jeans, regardless of color, oversized or baggy pants or shorts may be worn.

nothing can be camouflaged, neither clothes nor equipment


Other clothes

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